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  • New Grant: NSF: SP0037646 National Science Foundation (PI: Pestilli, MPI: Wang, Saykin, Sporns) - BD Spokes: SPOKE: MIDWEST: Collaborative: Advanced Computational Neuroscience Network (ACNN) (09/01/2016 - 08/31/2019).... >>
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  • LitCog MRI: brain network markers and intervention targets for the cognitive decline to health literacy & self-management (HLSM) skills loss to poor health outcomes cascade (PI: Wang): Poor health outcomes have been associated with cognitive declines and loss of health literacy & self-management skills. To date, we don’t yet understand of the underlying causal links between chang...... >>
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  • Northwestern University schizophrenia data sharing for SchizConnect: A longitudinal dataset for large-scale integration.
    Kogan A, Alpert K, Ambite JL, Marcus DS, Wang L
    NeuroImage 2016; 124: 1196-1201
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    Associated projects: SchizConnect: Large-Scale Schizophrenia Neuroimaging Data Mediation & Federation, Northwestern University Schizophrenia Data and Software Tool (NUSDAST)
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  • Invited talk: Long-Term Effects of Perinatally-Acquired HIV on the Subcortical Shape of the Adolescent Brain
    Lei Wang PHACS 2015 Fall Network Meeting (Bethesda, MD -- 10 2015)
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    our mission

    Our lab's research is focused on the development of multidimensional and multimodal neuroimaging biomarkers using the tools of computational anatomy. Working with collaborators from engineering, mathematics, psychology and clinical specialties, we focus on the following major areas: automated pipelines for mapping of brain structures using MRI, development of complex neuroimaging biomarkers, clinical applications in dementia, psychosis, mood disorders and genetics, neuroinformatics, and neuroimaging of animal models.